Tips for Prepping Your Home for Spring

– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group – Writer/Editor

With the arrival of spring also comes a booming housing market that finds many homeowners catching up on their home’s general maintenance as winter often brings about months-long neglect. As the weather gets warmer, nobody wants to get stuck indoors doing chores. Here are some suggested tips in how to tackle your homes spring cleaning. And remember, if you’re just doing your yearly spring-cleaning as some TLC or prepping your home to list on the market, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m more than happy to provide my own tips and expertise on how to get your home ready for this new sale season.



Every good spring cleaning involves de-cluttering your space. By now your home has likely taken on many DIY projects and a hodgepodge of unnecessary items. By removing old items to make way for new and fresh things can help your home look even more voluminous.


Check-it & Fix-It:

It’s time to examine the neglected. What are some things that you may have procrastinated on fixing? Leaky pipes, cracks in the walls, dirty fireplaces, or dusty ceiling fans could all use a more in-depth look. Be your own home inspector and test all of your emergency systems like smoke & carbon monoxide alarms and fire extinguishers to guarantee they’re in tip-top shape. Change out your air filters and your home’s primary HVAC systems. Servicing a broken or neglected item will be more affordable now than last-minute in the midst of a peak spring or summer season.



The exterior of your home is the face you project for everyone to see. Similar to fixing the neglected areas of your interior space, the same should be said for the outside of your home. Double-checking the caulking of your windows and doors as well as the weather stripping is important. Inspecting the roof for any broken tiles or leaks is crucial for the arrival of a wet season. If you’re feeling ambitious, throwing on a new coat of paint can help liven up your space while showcasing your home’s best features.


Landscape + Garden:

What better time to start your home garden than the springtime? Take the time to trim and groom your flowerbeds, hedges, and trees. In addition to rejuvenating your yard, it’s also a great time to replace outdated or damaged landscaping tools like garden hoses and rakes.

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