7 Family Fun Spring Activities

Spring is a great time for outdoor activities! During this time of great weather, check out the following ideas on how to maximize your family time.


1. Plant Spring Flowers

Are you interested in growing a garden or decorating around the house? Spring is the perfect time for planting and can be a great learning experience for young minds interested in botany.


2. Visit Local Museums

Museums are full of knowledge. Many museums will offer discounts, especially during Spring Break, providing the perfect opportunity for an affordable adventure.


3. Create a Backyard Adventure

You don’t always have to travel far to have an adventure. You can create a whole camping experience right at home. Lock up the house, unplug the gadgets, turn on the barbeque, and pitch a tent in the backyard to create the perfect outdoor environment, and enjoy the feeling of being a hundred miles away from home but right in your own backyard.


4. “Pick Your Own” Farm

A fun activity is to visit your local “U-Pick” farm. These local farms give the consumer the freedom to physically pick their own produce straight from the source. This activity is perfect for teaching young minds about where their food comes from by involving them into the process.


5. Visit the Local Zoo

Like visiting a local museum, zoo’s often offer discounted periods for children and schools during off-peak hours. Taking the family to the local zoo can provide an environment of learning and excitement.


6. Spring Fairs

Spring Break and the warmer weather brings along popular local town fairs. To enjoy some good, wholesome carnival fun, check out what local fairs may be happening in your neighborhood.


7. Perfect Mini-Golf Weather

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy a few rounds of mini-golf. Most would agree that spring is the perfect golfing weather.

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