Waiting for Spring Sales

– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group – Writer/Editor

Winter months usually bring about a slump in sales as most people wait until the spring to get back into the market. With the impending arrival of spring and a boost in sales, real estate agents can do plenty to productively bide their time while they are waiting for home buyers or sellers. This is a good time to revisit all of the added benefits and services the Select Group has to offer their agents. One can easily spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns for their business, but fortunately, The Select Group already offers these service and benefits just for you.

1. Staying TOP-OF-MIND.

Taking the time to build your SOI’s and importing them into Connect can be a timely process. Luckily, the Select Group Marketing Department has a handy Connect Template that allows you to fill in the spreadsheet with your SOI’s. Once agent contacts have been added, the template can be emailed back to the Select Marketing Department at marketing@selectgroup.com and bulk-uploaded into their Connect. Once uploaded, your contacts will have access to any newsletters and social media content that goes out on your behalf.


2. Revisit Your SOI’s.

Spring-cleaning your list of contacts/SOI’s is also a great use of your time. Keeping an updated contact list can easily get unwieldy, so a great and less overwhelming approach is to spend a little bit of time to truly investigate how up-to-date your list is. The Select CRM Specialist will also be able to inform you of who has unsubscribed or if a particular newsletter has been sent out to your contacts.


3. Impress Your Clients.

The Select Group provides you and your clients with curated monthly content. The Select Marketing Department provides original eBlasts, eNewsletters, and eMagazines: Life & Real Estate is sent to your clients on your behalf, INSIDE Select is sent to you on the behalf of the company, and SELECT Living is a high-end publication showcasing luxury real estate and lifestyle news. L&R is important for your sphere as it includes industry news, updates on trends & lifestyle, an event calendar, and a direct link to your company agent website. Your clients will feel well-thought of by seeing monthly crafted content coming straight from you.


4. 24/7 Access to Custom Designs.

With over 300+ designs on Xpressdocs, agents have access to a variety of materials from postcards, co-branded flyers, door hangers, business cards, and more.


5. Social Media.

Never before has social media played such a crucial part in growing a business. The Select Marketing Department provides agents with one-on-one training and personalized strategies to boost their SEO and traffic.


6. Knowledge.

Education is important for The Select Group. A variety of educational workshops and trainings are consistently available, whether they’re specialty classes regarding marketing and social media platforms or ways to enhance your business.


7. Lux.

For listings above $600k+, The Select Luxury Program offers an additional level of high-end exposure to agents with promotional ad campaigns, LUX design services, and eBlasts. The only requirement is for photographs to be of a professional level.


For a full list of how Select Group Marketing can help you, see here.

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