10 Facebook Features That Real Estate Agents Need To Know

– Hunter Royal – Select Group – Social Media Specialist

Facebook can easily be the tool that pushes your online presence to the next level. Start using these 10 Facebook hacks today and become an online professional!


1. Scheduling Facebook Messages

Using the new App called Sendible you can stay in touch with your sphere. Sendible allows you to schedule Facebook messages to your friends ahead of time, think birthdays, anniversaries, quarterly follow-ups, etc. If you’re looking for a simple way to improve your social media game, this is the tool.


2. Check your Message Requests

Keep track of messages and requests from your non-friends within the Messenger app. When you receive a message from a non-friend on Facebook the message is sent to your request folder. It is best to go in and check on it occasionally so you’re not missing out on any potential clients.


3. Send and Receive Files, Send Money, and Share Maps via Messenger

Facebook Messenger allows you to do more than just message. You can send images from your mobile device, share a mapped location, make voice or video calls, play games, and transfer money at the click of a button. Splitting the cost with another agent or professional has never been easier!


4. Facebook Notes is Your Personal Blog

According to PCMag, Facebook Notes is “a personal blog post that lives inside the Facebook ecosystem.” You can share anything from your notes like a regular post or you can save it and work on it later if it’s not ready to be shared.


5. Save Newsfeed Posts for Later

Facebook has a “save for later” function that lets you save posts that you want to check later in time. This is Facebook’s way of letting you become an online hoarder. Just click on the top-right ellipsis of a post and hit the Save button. This will send the link to your “Saved” folder.


6. Amaze Clients with 360-Degree Pictures and Videos

The 360-degree feature allows Facebook users to pivot and look at all angles and directions of a photo or video on a desktop or mobile. This feature gives your clients, friends, and followers a truly immersive experience, whether it’s broadcasting a listing to an international audience, promoting an open house, or simply showcasing what you see in your day-to-day.


7. The Fundraiser Icon

Facebook is making it easier to show that you care. The Fundraiser Icon is a little coin embedded with a heart down the middle. You can start a charity or use your sphere to obtain donations for your cause. Note that there are specific policies and occasional fees associated with Facebook fundraisers and charitable donations.


8. Improve your Facebook Security

Everyone has experienced or known someone who has experienced a Facebook hack; it is not pleasant to go through and regain control of your own account. Setting up extra security includes a two-factor authentication, enabled alerts for unrecognized logins, and trusted contacts for when you get locked out.


9. Facebook’s “Today In” Feature

Facebook is testing a new feature on their app called “Today In,” a mix of city-specific events, announcements, and local news. This will make it easier for users to stay in-the-know about their communities and could prove to be a valuable marketing tool for agents once officially rolled out. Currently, only a few chosen cities are testing it.


10. Facebook’s New Algorithm

Facebook announced in 2018 that it would prioritize news from family and friends at the expense of public content. This has sent professionals scrambling to figure out a way to get their content in front of potential clients. The good news though is real estate has always been a people business. This means it is even more important than ever for real estate professionals to be connecting with their clients on a personal level. At the end of every transaction, you need to reach out to clients on Facebook and message them to let them know how much you have enjoyed working with them.

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