8 Home Décor Trends of 2018

As you begin spring cleaning, think about sprucing up your home with these fun new trends for 2018!

1. Lavender

Lavenders and Lilacs are becoming a great tool for bringing out soft tones with deeper accents.


2. High Contrast Palettes

Using white to balance out saturated colors is becoming a hot trend for 2018. Green is an excellent bold color to use as a contrast because of its timelessness and its prominence in nature.


3. Circle Patterns

Circles are leading the way in geometric décor trends. You can match this stylish trend with the changing seasons by pairing tones and colors with the weather.


4. Matching Tones

Matching the trim-work with the tone of the wall can provide a more put-together feel. To best utilize this trend, consider painting your furnishings, like dressers or doors, to a similar shade as your walls.


5. Brass Accents

Brushed silver has run its course; golden brass is now moving into the spotlight. The warm and subtle tones of brass shine with a classy feel and is a nice substitute for the expected stainless steel.


6. Natural Elements

A décor trend right now is to reflect the geographical location that you reside in. By using the elements around you, like limestone features, a kind natural tone can be added to an otherwise artificial scene.


7. Woven Textures

Add a bit of international flair by including woven features into your décor.


8. Warm Colors

In the past, people gravitated towards cool and neutral colors, but times have changed. Warm, vibrant colors contrasted with balancing dark tones have become the newest trend in home décor.


source: housebeautiful.com

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