6 Things For After Your Hotel Check-In

Checking into your hotel can be a hassle. Here are 6 tips that can transform any unwarranted stress from hotel check-ins into an easy and relaxing experience.


1. Safety Check

Like the popular adage advises, “Safety First,” the first step when checking-in is by testing your hotel room’s deadbolt and safe. If you’re traveling alone inform the hotel staff that you are not expecting any guests and update your friends or family about your safe arrival.


2. Inspect The Neglected

Once you’ve settled into your room, take a few minutes to inspect the quality of the last clean-up. A quick walk-through noticing if the trash was emptied and if the sheets were cleaned can save you from future uncomfortable hassle.


3. Check For Unwanted Guests

During your inspection of the bed, check for signs of bed bugs. These little critters can be a menace but, fortunately, there are easy ways to spot them. Check for small red stains and be sure to speak up if you notice any trace of bed bug activity. Hotels take the threat of bed bugs very seriously and will investigate any concerns.


4. Prepare And Be Aware

Being prepared is all about doing things before they come up. Here are some simple tasks that can be done earlier to help you feel prepared: ordering breakfast the night before, double-checking the alarm, noticing where all the light switches are, and inquiring about any hotel discounts for nearby attractions or restaurants.


5. Clear The Air

Sometimes the aroma of cleaning products can linger in the air. Opening a window to allow fresh air to circulate can help dispel future headaches and discomfort. Filling the ice bucket to help stay hydrated throughout your stay is also beneficial.


6. Speak Up

Never be afraid to voice your concerns. The hotel staff is available to help with any concerns you may have. Staffers are trained to find out what your specific expectations are during your stay and tailor a solution and environment just for you. Waiting until after your stay to speak up accomplishes little, so speak up now!


Source: www.healthyway.com

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