Do’s & Don’ts of Holiday Parties

Holiday office parties, cocktails, and gifts, ’tis the season for indulgence! The holidays are the time for joy and merriment, but be conscious of who you may be around and to not over-indulge.  Here are a few tips on the do’s and don’ts for your next holiday office party.

Do Have Fun

Your company goes out of its way to put together a festively fun party, so of course feel free to let loose a little and have fun, but be sure to not overdo it.  Office parties are a great place to develop relationships with your co-workers that can help grow camaraderie and trust among peers.  Camaraderie is important in the workplace so if you are invited out to join your boss or co-workers, go ahead and get a drink, but be careful to not try to go shot for shot with your co-worker. It may be fun but consider professionalism.


Dress Appropriate

Don’t be afraid to get a little more dressed up and stylish, but still consider professionalism. It’s ok to give your peers a glimpse of who you are outside of the office, but consider that there will be photos taken and you want to look appropriate.


Be Professional

Office parties are fun, but not the place to blow off steam. Consider that office parties are is still a company event and you should conduct yourself appropriately. Gag gifts and any crazy things should be left for personal parties. Act as though you are being observed by your boss because you probably are.  Most importantly, if you’ve been overly festive at the party, remember to call a cab, do not drink and drive.

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