5 Client Gift Idea’s

Consider on this season of giving getting a little something for your clients. Gifts can be the perfect tool for cementing a relationship with a client, thus landing that big sale.  Here a few ideas to keep in mind when considering gifts.


Old Town Map

Great for the client that has an eye for antiques, this is sure to be memorable.  Getting ahold of a print of an old map of the current or future town your client will be moving to is relatively easy to do these days, but each time your client looks at this rustic piece, they will think of you and consider recommending you to others.


Custom Business Card Holder


A great way to market yourself, as well as an excellent gift for your client.  Custom card holders are cheap and can be personalized to advertise your client or yourself.  When wrapping up this gift, be sure to include a few of your own business cards for your client as a placeholder until they can include their own.


Personalized Note Holder


These note holders are an excellent, often overlooked gift.  A stylishly personalized post-it note holder is the perfect office accessory gift for that busy client.  These can be customized to yourself, your company, or put together just to advertise your client.


Coffee/Tea Basket


Classy, elegant, and festive. Easy to buy, easy to ship, and perfect for any client that enjoys their daily hot brew. These baskets typically come with great selections from all the name-brand sources with an assortment of cookies included.


Breakfast Delivered

Busy clients love a great way to streamline their mornings. Consider helping them out by subscribing them to a food delivery club, complete with gourmet breakfast meals!  Services like these are easy to set up just a month or two of deliveries, giving your client a taste of the product and showing them your appreciation for doing business with you.

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