Quick Tips To Stay Safe

We always encourage safety among our agents and hope that you are always being as safe as you can when interacting with a potential client.  Here are just a few tips that can help you be safe as you are away from the office.

Use A Visitor Log

Have potential clients complete a customer identification form.  Having potential clients do this is great not only for having the information to follow up with them but also for Realtor safety.

Separate Business from Personal Life

Have separate social media accounts for yourself and for business, never have them in the same place. Having separate accounts will protect your personal photos, posts, and any private information that you may not want public.

Leave the Front Door Unlocked

When showing a property, leave the front door unlocked in the case of a quick exit while you and the client are inside. As you view the rooms with your client, allow them to enter each room first. This gives off a feeling that they are leading as well as helping give you more safety as you know where they are at all times.

The 10 Second Rule

The 10-second rule is a simple habit that will help you be safe when you are out and about. As you arrive at a destination, take 10 seconds to evaluate your surroundings and check for anything that seems out of place or odd.


source: www.trendmls.com

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