Keep An Eye Out For These 9 Thrifty Items

Exploring antique stores and thrift shops is an exciting adventure filled with all kinds hidden treasures you may never think of.  Here are some of the many things you should keep your eye out for next time you’re out and about thrifting.

1. Silverware

It’s not uncommon to find real silver among the silverware. Today’s silverware is commonly made of common metals like aluminum, but hidden among these common metals in thrift stores could be silverware of real silver. Commonly silver will look tarnished but with a quick polish of water and baking soda, the silver will once again sparkle.


2. Vintage Canning Jars

The newest craze over mason jars has revived the appeal of vintage canning jars.  These jars are quite common at thrift stores and can be bought for cheap. You can use these for an array of DIY crafts or resell for more than you are likely to pay for.


3. Jadeite

These classic pieces originating from the 30’s – 50’s, are quite sought after by antique collectors. Even smaller pieces of this mint-green dishware can be sold for upwards of about $100, or more for larger intricate pieces.


4. Depression Glass

Colored glassware is a coveted commodity for many antique collectors.  This glass is a common item in many thrift stores, but most people don’t see the collectible value to these classic pieces. While being able to be bought at a cheap price, colored glassware can be resold to collectors for a much higher price.


5. First Edition Books

Can be hard to find, but first edition books can be a major find! Fans of a book will pay well for a first edition or even signed version of their favorite books.  There are sites available where you can check the resale price of books you may find.


6. Elaborate Frames

Finding an antique painting can be an excellent opportunity, but don’t ignore the frame.  Many antique paintings have extravagant frames that can actually sell better than the painting itself. Collectors and enthusiasts love buying these classy frames.


7. Vintage Globes

A modern fixture in almost every classroom these days, globes have been an ever-changing object in our lives for years. Globes change with the changes to foreign borders and the discovery of new geologic features. Outdated globes have become treasured for their unique display of an older era and can resale for much more than their price in a thrift store.


8. Antique Luggage Sets

What these antique luggage bags lack modern aesthetics, they make up for in class. Luggage sets are making a come-back with their unique appeal and classy appearance among both collectors and folks looking for a stylish bag for their next vacation.


9. Colored Pyrex

Made in the days of durable materials, these Pyrex baking and cooking pieces are still very useable and can sell very well on resale sites.



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