10 Spooky Tours of California/Nevada

– Josh Pearson – Select Group – CRM Specialist

It’s time for some sights and frights! These destinations are sure to give you an experience you will never forget!  From their friendly guides to spooky events, each listed tour will guide you through the history and paranormal events surrounding each location.


1. Truckee Haunted Tours

For a more fun and playful event, there is the Truckee Haunted Tour.  Treat yourself to a show full of excitement and fun as you witness past events brought back to life with spooky twists.


2. Sacramento Ghost Tours

Come join the ever-popular Old Sacramento Ghost Tour for a night with the “ghosts” of Old Sacramento as you are lead through the streets and told tales of life in the earliest beginnings of Sacramento.  While there maybe even take a tour of eerie Sacramento underground and see the underground city that no one sees.


3. Nevada City Ghost Tours

The annual Ghost Tour of California’s most haunted city is always a huge success. Nevada City has a rich history of paranormal activity and the city wants to share that history with you. Take a tour starting from the Alpha Building and wind your way through the darkened streets, but keep an eye out, because you never know what you might see.


4. Preston Castle

The infamous Preston Castle, as featured on shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, is hosting a fright-filled tour that is sure to chill you to the bones! The event promises to be a Haunt walk-through and not a historical tour of the Castle.  The ghost of Preston Castle will be waiting.

destination america


5. Bodie Ghost Walk

Explore the Ghost Town of Bodie for a night under the stars and eerie ghost tales. This exclusive tour takes you through a guided night walk through Bodie as you’re told spooky tales of this long-abandoned town. The tour eventually ends up at the old Standard Mill which promises to be extra eerie under the dim light.


6. Genoa Historic Ghost Tours

The oldest town in Nevada promises to excite with its Genoa Historic Ghost Tour. The tour makes its way through locations like the Genoa Bar, The Genoa Court House, The Dake House, and even the Genoa Cemetery.  Devices like video cameras and voice recorders are strongly encouraged because there is the chance of something appearing on these electronics.

Wikimedia Commons


7. Chollar Mine

This history-rich mine was once the site of large pulls of silver and gold from deep within the ground, but also the scene of many haunts. This mine has been investigated on many occasions by teams of ghost hunters, all of which report seeing shadowy figures and having objects thrown at them.  Now is your chance to take a tour and investigate this eerie former gold mine yourself.

Tahoe South


8. Goldfield Hotel

The very infamous Goldfield Hotel is a visit not for the faint of heart. This haunted location has been made even more famous as of recently by the Ghost Adventures team and their footage of a levitating brick being thrown towards them.  This is a must visit location for those who are seeking a haunt-filled thrill.

Ghost Adventures


9. Gold Hill Hotel

The Gold Hill Hotel is a wonderful place for some pleasant spooks.  This tour starts you in the Crown Point Restaurant for a wonderful meal then concludes with a ghostly tour of the haunted rooms of the infamous Gold Hill Hotel.

Travel Nevada


10. Carson City Ghost Walk

The spooky tales of Carson City are brought to life during this guided tour of the downtown district’s historic homes and businesses.  Your guide “Madam Curry” will lead you from site to site, explaining the eerie paranormal stories of each site and the tales of the spirits that have lingered in the area for centuries.


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  1. The Mackey Mansion and Washoe Club in Virginia City, NV are incredible places for haunted ghost tours!


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