Facebook “Likes”?

Did you know Facebook has an algorithm as to how a post will be shown? Here is how this algorithm works.


This is the relationship you have with other Facebook users. When you like, comment, or share a post you are engaging with the post/user and shows Facebook your value as a user.

Weight Engagement

Your post performs better depending on how fast you receive likes and comments. So, give valuable content to your friends so your post can be exposed to new audiences.


How old is the post? Bump up the post with new comments and likes. By liking your own post it will enable new users to engage with your content. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your post be seen by nobody.


What type of post is it? Facebook shows more videos or photos based off of what that person engages with the most. Live Videos is a favorite of Facebook, followed by video, pictures, and text.

By liking your own post, you are enabling the Facebook algorithm to recognize the value of your post. This will guarantee that it will show your post to friends first before a similar post with only zero likes. Give your Facebook post some TLC and “like” it today!

Incredible right!? Who knew that Facebook posts could have so much data behind them! So next time you’re managing your social media, make sure to keep these tips in mind to expand your audience.

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