Who Needs Earthquake Insurance? You Do!

Did you know that in just the last week of July, Northern California faced up to 131 earthquakes and Nevada faced 117, clocking in magnitudes of 1.5 or greater?

Here are the facts:

  • Nevada is called “earthquake country” due to the Basin and Range Province seismic activity.
  • California places 2nd as having the most amount of earthquakes in the United States, but 1st as the most damaging.
  • California and Nevada are the 2nd and 3rd top states subject to the largest earthquakes of M5 or higher!

Should You Be Covered?

Needless to say, earthquake deductibles and premiums can run extremely high; the costs can be even higher for those living in older homes. There are many factors that contribute to your risk of damage. Some include:

  • What type of home you have and how old it is.
  • How close or far your home is to fault lines.
  • The terrain and soil your home is situated on.

So why bother with insurance? Earthquakes can not only destroy your home, but your personal belongings as well. Coverage will reimburse any losses affiliated with “earth movement.”

The Cost of Insurance

Policies can drastically vary. In California, it is necessary for homeowners insurance to offer earthquake coverage. In Nevada, several insurers offer coverage as a special endorsement. Make sure to ask your insurance company what their policy is on earthquake coverage!

The not-for-profit organization, California Earthquake Authority (CEA), has developed plans to enable earthquake insurance to be affordable for their clients. CEA offers lowered rates, flexible coverage choices, 5 to 25% deductible options, and incentives to retrofit older homes for a higher discount.

Palomar Specialty Insurance Co. also provides earthquake insurance in California while Sundance Insurance is one that services Nevada.


– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group of Real Estate Services – Writer/Editor


Considering earthquake insurance is a big decision when trying to protect your home.  There are many factors to consider and many resources to help you plan ahead, but don’t do it alone! If you are interested in securing your home then I would definitely be open to chatting with you about how I can best help you.  Let’s Talk!


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