The Overlooked Fun of California

California has such a vast amount of beauties that some are often overlooked.  Here is our list of some of the beauties of Northern California that are free to visit and you may not have thought about.

Petroglyph Point

Petroglyph Point, located in Lava Beds National Monument is home to ancient petroglyphs of the Modoc people.  This location is a treasure of history with over 5,000 images dating back to more than 6,000 years old making Petroglyph Point one of the most extensive representations of American Indian rock art in California.


Sundial Bridge

This beautifully designed bridge spans the Sacramento River in Redding.  The Sundial Bridge, as its name suggests, is actually a massive working sundial, but due to the enormous size of the sundial, it is only able to record from 11 am – 3 pm.  When visible, the shadow cast by this bridge is able to be seen moving a foot per minute, making it quite the sight to on-lookers.


Nimbus Fish Hatchery

For an open to the public, free, and local location, the Nimbus Fish Hatchery has lots of amenities ranging from educational activities, exhibits, and nature trails along the American River.  The main purpose of the hatchery is to raise and release Chinook salmon and steel head into the river to preserve the ecosystem and give folks an amazing fishing experience along the American River but it also makes for a great place to have fun.


Cornerstone Gardens

Cornerstone Gardens is one location that can be visited regularly and it will always provide a new experience.  This series of free to visit gardens located in Sonoma is continuously changing its showcase of designs brought together by both international and local landscape architects and designers, all meant to create a connection between art, architecture, and nature.


Trees of Mystery Museum

Trees of Mystery has an impressive amount of activities at its location among the California Redwoods.  These activities include Gondola rides, hiking trails, and the End of The Trail Museum. The museum is free to the public and celebrates the first Americans and their complex culture. Six rooms divide the museum by the geographical location of each tribe. Explore this museum and learn about the amazing history and culture of the Native Americans.



Located near Mt.Shasta, McCloud is home to a numerous amount of festivals all ranging from car shows to the Lumberjack Fiesta, as a result, there is almost always some sort of fun festival going on.  Check out their website for a full list of upcoming events.


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