Summer Camp Isn’t Just For Kids!


Move over kids summer camps, adult summer camps are becoming the new biggest summer activity! California is full of fun and exciting summer camps for adults, many take place over the weekend or even just for a day.  Here are just a few of the best camps to visit in California before summer ends.

1. Camp Grounded

For the blissful “unplugged” experience, Camp Grounded in Mendocino offers a perfect experience.  This camp offers plenty of amenities ranging from play shops, color wars, meditation, stargazing, and lots more all while being tech-free. Campers stay in cabins with assigned bunks or there is the option to sleep in their own tents or rented tents provided by the camp. Food is also provided and is made to fit with any diet ranging from vegan to carnivore with all meat sourced from natural and cage-free farms.


2. Camp Art Seen

The creative soul will be at home at Camp Art Seen.  Located in the stunning Redwoods of Northern California, this 3-day weekend camp offers an all-inclusive art retreat with classes like cuttlebone carving to cast metal, the practice of watercolor techniques, mural painting, and finishing in a friendly group art show to praise each other’s art. Share wonderful memories with fellow campers at the pool or sharing organic, gourmet meals at Camp Art Seen.


3. Wine Blending Day Camp

Few wineries provide an experience like the Judd’s Hill – Wine Blending Day Camp in Napa Valley.  The day is filled with learning about how to blend your own wine, tasting, and visiting with fellow guests, with an added chance of visiting with Judd himself. The day concludes with filling a bottle with a blended wine of your own making, creating a label, sealing the bottle, and finally every guests favorite part, taking the bottle home.


4. Camp Winnarainbow

For the experience of being young and having fun at summer camp, go explore Camp Winnarainbow. In Mendocino is where you will find this amazing camp filled with activities ranging from performing onstage to participating in circus stunts.  This circus themed camp is fun for anyone that enjoys a bit of theater and circus entertainment.  The age range of this camp ranges from 18-80, making it perfect for any adult age group!


5. Berkeley Tuolumne Camp

Located near Yosemite Valley, Berkeley Tuolumne Camp is a perfect place for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors! Campers are provided with excellent hiking locations, volleyball, bocce ball, as well as the all important hot showers.  Three meals are provided each day along with cozy tent cabins overlooking the river, providing a soothing experience day and night.  During parts of the year, sessions are specially reserved for adults fifty and over, encouraging a more adult crowd.


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