This Nevada Glampground Will Take You Away From It All

Glamping—a combination of camping and glamour—has taken the world by storm. In glamping, there are no tents to set up, no fires to build, no uncomfortable sleeping bags to endure, and no, well whatever makes camping…camping. Instead, glamping usually occurs in a ready-made abode—such as a cabin, cube, treehouse, igloo, hut, villa, yurt, or teepee/tipi, to name a few—and provides a luxurious alternative for enjoying the great outdoors without making any sacrifices. In Nevada, the tiny town of Wells—located in Elko County in the northeast part of the state—contains the Mustang Monument Wild Horse Eco-Resort. This secluded glampground is surrounded by mountains and wild horses and offers amazing, fully-equipped, luxury tipis for a glamping experience never to be forgotten.


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Tucked away in the Spruce Mountains of northern Nevada, wild horse sanctuary, and eco-resort Mustang Monument is truly a one-of-a-kind all-inclusive glamping getaway that was founded by animal activist/philanthropist Madeleine Pickens, Those who run Mustang Monument define it as “a ranch with serious style; where philanthropic tourism meets a luxury wilderness safari adventure.”

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Each tipi offers 300 sq. ft. of living space with lavish decor such as leather sofas, plush chairs, hardwood floors, and luxurious custom-made beds.

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Mustang Monument: Wild Horse Eco-Resort/Facebook
There are also dining tents where guests can gather to meet, make new friends, and share their experiences while dining on much more than traditional camping hotdogs and beans.

Mustang Monument: Wild Horse Eco-Resort
Mustang Monument is a 900-square-mile sustainable resort and preserve for the more than 650 wild horses rescued by Pickens in 2010.

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Guided horseback riding tours to “visit” the wild mustangs are quite popular. There are also other activities such as guided safari adventures, rappelling, shooting ranges, ropes courses, photography opportunities, hiking, bird watching, and hearing mesmerizing tales of the Wild West.

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You can even get a full body massage and other spa-like treatments.


Mustang Monument: Wild Horse Eco-Resort/Facebook
These lavish tipis were designed for the traveler who wants both adventure and luxury. All guests will leave Mustang Monument fulfilled and knowing that their luxurious and fun stay directly contributed to the preservation of the wild mustang.


Mustang Monument: Wild Horse Eco-Resort/Facebook

For more information about this truly unique and secluded glampground, please visit Mustang Monument’s website at or call (888) 979-1422. If you’ve been fortunate enough to have spent time at this amazing and secluded glampground and horse preserve, please share your experiences below.




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