There’s No Better Place To Be Than These 9 Hot Springs In Nevada

In Nevada, soaking in a steamy hot spring is one of the best ways to relax after a long day of hiking, biking, etc. The Silver State has more than 300 naturally occurring hot springs, making it the U.S. state with the highest number of hot springs. Listed below are nine hot springs in Nevada that are perfect for relaxation and definitely worth visiting.

1. Gold Strike Hot Springs – Boulder City, NV

If you plan to visit Gold Strike Hot Springs, which is located along the Colorado River, you’ll have to hike four miles through a narrow canyon in order to get there. The hike is strenuous but well worth it. Gold Strike Hot Springs is beautiful and very relaxing.

2. Ash Springs Hot Springs – Ash Springs, NV

yelp/David O.
Ash Springs Hot Springs is a series of shaded natural hot spring ponds. The outflow of the springs creates a small creek with several small pools, which are perfect for bathing. Ash Springs Hot Springs is easily accessible and visible, so remember this if you choose to use one of the pools for bathing.

3. Soldier Meadows Hot Springs – Gerlach, NV

flickr/Nick Bonzey
Soldier Meadows Hot Springs consists of several natural pools that sit adjacent to dozens of trails and creeks. There’s one main pool, which is a natural tub, that’s perfect for relaxation. And if you’re not interested in getting muddy, you have the option of relaxing in a submerged barrel.

4. Spencer Hot Springs – Austin, NV

facebook/Spencer’s Hot Springs/Whitney Clanton

Spencer Hot Springs is located just off “America’s Loneliest Road” and consists of a series of pools. For privacy, each pool has been separated by landscape. The largest spring’s water is approximately 140 degrees F and flows into a concrete tub. After soaking, you’re welcome to spend the night camping in the area for free.

5. Arizona Hot Springs – Boulder City, NV

yelp/Lily Y.

Arizona Hot Springs consists of three tiered hot pools that are nestled in a slot canyon near Hoover Dam. The original source of the spring releases mineralized water at an impressive rate of nearly 30 gallons per minute with a temperature of approximately 111 degrees F.

6. 12-Mile (Bishop Creek) Hot Springs – Wells, NV


12-Mile (Bishop Creek) Hot Springs is located along the Humboldt River in Northeastern Nevada. This relaxing hot spring offers a gorgeous view of the Humboldt Mountains. Its average temperature is 102 degrees F, and its most impressive feature is its water clarity.

7. Black Rock Hot Spring – Gerlach, NV

flickr/Miles Actually

Black Rock Hot Spring is named after the rock that the Black Rock Desert got its name from. If you visit this hot spring, be sure to use the wooden plank to enter the main end of the pool. The other end can get scorching hot. The spring water eventually flows out and into a small marshy area.

8. Alkali Hot Springs – Goldfield, NV

yelp/Sarah Jane W.

At Alkali Hot Springs, you’ll have access to two in-ground cement soaking pools. Because Goldfield is semi-abandoned, chances are you’ll have these pools all to yourself. These pools are large enough for four people and have a depth of approximately 3 feet. The average water temperature for one of the pools is 108 degrees F, and the other pool averages 100 degrees F.

9. Bog Hot Springs – Denio, NV

flickr/Colin PDX

While visiting Bog Hot Springs, you can try out different pools to find one with the perfect temperature. Another unique feature is the abundance of water the springs produce, which is approximately 1,000 gallons per minute. Impressive!




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