Looking For A Neighborhood To Love? Make Sure It Features These Key Things…


Do you like your neighborhood or do you LOVE it? If you have a neighborhood in mind that you would LOVE to live in, make sure it has these 8 things before you set your heart on it.

  1. Transportation
    Whether for work, errands, or entertainment, most of us will need to leave the comforts of our home and neighborhood to get around our city. Don’t forget to take a look at how this area will affect you while on the move. Will you be using public transportation, or drive your car? What will your commute look like on an everyday basis? If you require proximity to an airport, you may want to factor this in as well.
  1. Businesses
    Another important variable will be the business you will be frequenting. Do you like the surrounding retail shops, grocery stores, and banks? Are the prices affordable and is the customer service excellent? Using sites like Yelp, or Google can help look at reviews of these businesses to see what the public thinks if you are not familiar with them already.
  1. Schools
    If you have children, another important factor you may consider is the surrounding educational establishments. How far is it? Is it an added expense? Do they employ quality educators?
  1. Amenities
    What do you like to do around town? Try to think of your ideal entertainment hot spots. Do they consist of pubs and nightclubs, or maybe art halls and theaters? If your chosen area is close by to your ideal entertainment spots, you may want to factor in your cost of traveling depending on how often you may want to frequent them.

Don’t forget about free entertainment like parks and museums. You may end up going more often than you think.

  1. Economy
    Be wary of red flags indicating a decline of a neighborhood’s desirability. These red flags can be, unkempt parks, bars on windows, abandoned commercial buildings, and a barrage of “For Sale” signs. A lesser known tip is to see if the local library has cut down its hours, as this could be another sign that the local economy is suffering.

If homes and landscapes look maintained, and the neighbors are interacting and seem friendly, it is likely to be a sign of a great neighborhood.

  1. Low crime rate

Everyone is concerned with safety and security. See if there has been an improvement in crime rates as this is a tall-tell sign of an improving neighborhood. If you see an increase in crime, this can be a major red flag.

  1. Access to medical care

Quick access to quality medical care is also highly desirable. This is especially true for seniors, retirees and those with young children. Make sure the surrounding medical professionals are highly rated and reviewed.

  1. Family-friendly

Real draws for buyers with children are neighborhoods with plenty of families. These communities offer great opportunities for children to socialize, play, and make lifelong friends.

Does your neighborhood display all of these characteristics? If not, and you would like to find a neighborhood to better suit your need, contact me and I calk you through your mortgage options today!

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