10 Brilliant DIY Organizing Hacks

  1. Use empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls to organize your chords. You can even decorate it with colorful washi tape to give it a special touch! organize-3
  2. Upcycle cans and tins by covering them with patterned or scrapbooking paper and using them for storage or holding all your desktop needs. organize-4
  3. Pegboards have tons of different uses. Use one to organize your laundry room. You can even decorate the pegboard to fit your personal style. organize-8
  4. Create storage bins from old crates. Paint them bright a fun colors to add a delightful essence to the room. Or leave them their natural color to add a more rustic feel. Vintage is in. organize-95. Incorporate hidden toothbrush holders into your medicine cabinets. Save space on your bathroom sink and counters by utilizing this great idea. organize-116. Ordinary kitchen objects can be such great organizers! organize-137. Magnetic spice jars are a genius idea to get the clutter off your kitchen counters and can make things more accessible! Especially if you have a bunch of empty baby food containers lying around. organize-148. Organize your notebooks with envelopes glued to the inside panels. You can then tuck notes, receipts, and other items like business cards into there and keep them all together. organize-169. Use a magnetic strip to keep all your bathroom necessities in an easy access spot. No more time wasting time digging for the tweezers and nail clipper. organize-1710. The ultimate DIY accessory organizer! organize-38



Source: http://www.brit.co

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