10 Things to Do in December, and Early January, to Earn at Least 1 Extra Escrow


asset-1 Call a minimum of 50 people by phone but don’t stop until you have at least spoken personally to 5 people each day. Do this for a minimum of 10 days. (These should be people in your SOI so they will be warm calls). You have all sorts of positive messages to discuss with them.
asset-2 Walk a neighborhood and let people know the most current market conditions (minimum of 25 houses per day – don’t stop until you have spoken to at least 5 people). Do this a minimum of 10 days.
asset-3 Do a minimum of 1 open house and door knock 10-10-20.
asset-4 Write a personal Thank You Note to the top 25 clients or friends who have either done business with you or referred a client to you.
asset-5 Throw an after Christmas or pre-New Year’s party the last week of December. People have extra time on their hands during this week. Invite up to 10 people.
asset-6 Get a list of scrubbed (those not on the do not call list) phone numbers (minimum of 50) and call a minimum of 5 people for 10 days.
asset-7 Volunteer 10 hours of your time to a worthy cause outside of your normal real estate community – pick something completely outside the box.
asset-8 Randomly pick 10 people and do something nice for them.
asset-9 Do a one-time mailing to you SOI (Calendar for 2017, Something about the New Year).
asset-10 Pick one or all 5 of the following (They’re free);

  • Check to see that all of your Internet site contact information is up to date
  • Make at least 5 craigslist postings
  • Make a video of your listing or a self-promo video
  • Post 5 Real Estate related items on Facebook (like super cool listings)
  • Set up 5 neighborhood alerts on your web site

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