Don’t Miss Out on These 8 Benefits of Social Media


Social Media has become a staple in modern society. Agents are taking advantage of this growing trend, and promoting their business through leading social media outlets like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Real estate professionals have a range of advantages and a huge opportunity to use these tools to join the conversation, establish a professional presence online, network with potential clients and businesses associates, and promote active listings. Successfully harnessing these aspects can deliver the results real estate professionals want – while reaping all the other top benefits described below from social media.

1. Where Your Real Estate Prospects Are

Buyers and sellers are increasingly moving online. Social Media has evolved from being a mere fad to catch up with college friends or post photos from the family BBQ, into a very powerful digital marketing tool. This year alone, more than 1.8 billion online users made use of social media at one time or another, 1.35 billion of which are active on Facebook on a monthly basis alone. It has been shown that 55% of consumers turn to Social Media to share about purchases made as well as an astounding 74% of consumers make purchases based off of Social Media referrals. These figures should be clear indications that Social Media is where your real estate prospects are.

2. Lets You Leverage on Increasing Consumer Use of Online Search

The journey that landed up to 69% of consumers who converted as a lead or a sale on a particular real estate website began with a basic search engine query. At its peak, up to 92% of activities related to the search for a new home was conducted through online channels, while 59% coursed through mobile internet on their smartphones or tablets. With residential sales figures last year reaching levels of more than 5 million units, online channels definitely proved to be a strong force in this industry.

Person-to-person marketing is still vital in real estate marketing, and leveraging this in combination with powerful aspects of social media marketing will open new and exciting new doors of opportunity for the real estate professional.

3. Saves You Time and Money

Real estate agents know that closing a deal on a new home sale is not quick. It will require additional talk and time before the deal is done. The entire process from generating leads, can sometimes cost real estate agents a considerable amount of time and money.

Using social media for lead generation, if done right, is more cost-effective and will result in a faster process that can deliver more favorable results. Driving traffic with targeted customers through social media is better at generating high-quality leads that convert.

4. Lets You Take Advantage of Short Videos and Photo Slideshow

One of the strongest points on social media is the want for visual elements such as high quality photos and videos. Up to 83% of property buyers find photos very useful for their search of a new homes or properties, using social media enables you to leverage on the power of imagery such as these.

Social media has also made it possible for real estate professionals who are always on the go to quickly create and share photos, short videos and slideshows of properties they are selling. They have also made it possible to send them directly to prospective buyers. Both buyers and homeowners listing their homes for sale will respond well and take favorable action to real estate professionals taking advantage of social video and image tools for marketing.

5. Lets You Leverage the Power of Mobile Technologies

Smartphone and tablet searches have grown by an astonishing 500% rate in the last 5 years! Both marketers and consumers find themselves always on the move so constant connection through the mobile internet channels have become quite a necessity. On top of that, mobile social media marketing also takes into consideration local as well as geographical aspects which are all quite important from a real estate professional’s perspective.

6. Keeps You Readily Available to Prospects

The final decision is influenced by how well real estate professionals respond to questions, clarifications and other requests that require them to be readily available when the client calls. Using social media, real estate professionals can maintain that person-to-person connection with targeted audiences – and generate the kind of favorable actions they are gunning for.

7. Expands Your Real Estate Network

There’s a third very important aspect in social media marketing right after “social” and “media” – and this is “network”. In social media, engagement with targeted customers goes beyond person-to person contact, as various social signals such as “liking” or “sharing” can open your real estate network to expansion – opening new doors for referrals and new prospects from within your prospects’ own social network.

8. Diversifies Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts

Unlike typical marketing and advertising, the potential of your real estate marketing efforts is greater through social media marketing. From unique features in listings and interesting stories, to YouTube videos that show prospects what they want to see – creates greater opportunities, allowing your listings to reach a larger audience, drawing in targeted prospects.

The use of social media marketing for real estate has become a powerful, timely and practical way to develop clients and market and sell listings, generating results that are extremely cost-effective. Taking advantage of the power of social media marketing for your real estate business can bring to you most, if not all, of these benefits – and much more.


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Article written by Select Group Social Media Specialist, Samantha Raggio. Build your online reputation and generate more business!

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