Preferred Vendor Lists And Why You Should Have One Now!


Written by Chantell Cordova, Marketing Director of Select Group Real Estate.

As a REALTOR® your Sphere of Influence looks to help point them in the right direction whether their buying, selling or just needing a basic home repairs. Having a network of quality, ethical, and reliable professionals can certainly make life easier. The goal to having a vendor list is to provide your clients with the best possible home related customer services. These vendors are companies you have either worked with first-hand or have been referred to them by discriminating friends and clients or colleagues.

    You may not be an expert or know how to repair a leaking pipe or what the newest mortgage lending rules are, but someone on your preferred vendor list certainly can. You do not need to be the expert on everything, but by partnering with local businesses, you will be one step closer to appearing that you are.
    When possible support the local companies as this not only helps your clients but these businesses can become a direct resource of referrals.  You are not only helping spread the word about their company, but you are also helping them recommend your services as an agent. Working together can help make both of your businesses a success. In addition, your clients feel like they are supporting their new community.
    Clients trust you as their real estate professional, therefore they automatically trust your referral. It is very important to build a strong network of professionals that have a proven track record.
    No matter if it is your client’s first real estate venture or their fifth, they will inevitably have a lot of questions. It is best to educate them about the local experts in the community that can help with all their needs.WIN an office pizza party! The office with the highest percentage of completed Preferred Vendor Lists by Monday, July 11th 2016 will win a pizza party! Please turn-in your completed lists to your admin no later than Monday July, 11th 2016.

Answers to these questions can be found on your preferred vendor list – these are the businesses who you feel confident recommending.

How can you build your preferred vendors list? Complete the list of trusted professionals. Click here or on the image below to download the excel file.


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