5 Ways to Jump Start Your Business Now!


Want to boost your business? Now is the perfect time to check out these 5 ways to elevate your business.

  1. BUILD YOUR SPHERE. Call your SOI lists in Connect. For Top Producing Agents, 66% of all your business should be generated by five sources; past clients, family, friends, close acquaintances and the referrals from them!
    1. Take 20 minutes a day to call from your Connect database.
    2. 5 Calls, Monday –Friday totals 100 calls per month!
    3. Be a “giver”, let your SOI know you’re a resource for; painters, electricians, plumbers, pool service, carpet cleaners, etc.
    4. When calling have a script;
      • “Hi client name, it’s your name, and I am calling to confirm you have been receiving my newsletter, Life & Real Estate?” If they haven’t been in receipt, confirm you have their valid e-mail.
        1. This might also be a good time to find out if they know of someone else who might benefit from receiving your newsletter.
      • “Hi client name, it’s your name. I am just calling all of my clients and friends to let you know that the real estate market continues to improve and prices are up. Now might the perfect time to explore your options if you see a move in your future.”
  1. DIRECT MAIL CAMPAIGN. Start the Realtor Next Door (RND) and begin marketing your own neighborhood.
    1. The initial 6 month campaign builds brand awareness and the consistency links your name as a REALTOR®.
    2. Outline and create a farm list of 50 -100 homes in your neighborhood.
    3. Mail campaign is easy, targeted and affordable.
    4. Login into Xpressdocs.com/theselectgroup to view the entire campaign & get started!
  1. DOOR KNOCKING. Effective and Extremely Affordable! Select Group offers company paid door hangers – if you’ll walk & knock, then we’ll cover the cost!
    1. Commit to walking for a minimum of one hour and make a goal of knocking on a minimum of 40 doors before you are finished, 10/10 and 20.
    2. 40 doors once a week for a month = 160 Doors. Do this every month and that’s 1,920 Doors!!!
    3. All company branded door hangers are company paid and available in office.
    4. Short & Sweet. If a person comes to the door, introduce yourself Name and Company and simply tell them about your new listing or your recent sale or open house
    5. When door knocking have scripts:
      • RECENT LISTING. Introduce yourself and let them know that you just listed a property in their neighborhood. Have a property flyer on hand.
        1. “Hi, my name is your name from your company, I wanted to stop by and let you know about our new listing in case you have a friend or relative interested in a home in the neighborhood…before we open it up to the general public.”
        2. Print color flyers from Xpressdocs.com/TheSelectGroup to your office printer for FREE!
        3. Remember, you only have roughly 48 hours to use this opportunity before you need to put the property into the MLS.
      • RECENT SALE. Introduce yourself and let them know that you or your company just listed and sold a home in their neighborhood. Have a professional color property flyer on hand.
        1. “Hi, my name is your name from your company, I just stopped by to let you know that the home we recently listed in your neighborhood has already sold. From our marketing efforts we had several other buyers interested in a home in your neighborhood so…I am here today to see if you might be considering a move too.”
        2. Print color flyers from Xpressdocs.com/TheSelectGroup to your office printer for FREE!
      • OPEN HOUSE VIP FOR THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Invite the neighbors to preview your open house an hour before your open it to the public just in case they have a friend, family member of co-worker that may want to move into their neighborhood. Have a flyer on the home to pass out.
        1. “Hi, my name is your name from your company, and I wanted to invite you to a neighborhood VIP viewing of this home coming up. Nobody knows the neighborhood better than you do and if you have a friend or family member that might be interested in a home in the neighborhood, we wanted you to have the opportunity to invite them to come early. I hope to see you at the VIP neighborhood viewing this Date and time span.”
        2. Print color flyers from Xpressdocs.com/TheSelectGroup to your office printer for FREE!
  1. JOIN A GROUP. Expand your community by joining a group. Think diversity.
    1. Remember to always “Identify Your Business” when out, wear your badge or company logo clothing and always pass out your business cards!
    2. Try to attend one networking event a week.
    3. Attend target networking events.
      • Rotary, Toastmasters, Kiwanis, YPN, A Book club, Fitness Group, Wine Tasting, etc. (Note: Don’t join a service club like Rotary to just make contacts. Only join if you are truly going to participate as an active member of the club.)
      • Your goal is to expand your reach and gain clients. Be strategic when choosing what networking events you’ll attend, think about where your target audience will be at.
      • Volunteer your time to a neighborhood organization
      • Volunteering for a highly visible position; sign in person, list builder, event planner, coordinator, etc. This allows you to be in front of the audience and allows you to have a handle on the audience themselves, so that you can connect later.
    4. Join your community Facebook groups to provide real estate advice and insights.
    1. Make sure your present at your offices sales meetings. This is a great way to network and strengthen your real estate relationships.
    2. Attend the local MLS meeting and caravan or tour open houses. This allows you to keep up to date on local real estate inventory.
    3. Take an educational workshop, seminar or expo. Perfect way to build and fine tune your skills as well as keep you motivated.
    4. Check out upcoming classes on our Select Academy Training Calendar. You can find the monthly calendar within our internal newsletter INSIDE Select or posted to Wolf Connect.


Co-written by Chantell Cordova, Marketing Director and Dan Jacuzzi, President of the Select Group.

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  1. Carolynne Jemes // May 5, 2016 at 5:46 pm // Reply

    Excellent article. Always providing us with exceptional, valuable tools to expand and improve our business potentials!!! Thank you so much!!!!


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