Strawberry Gutter Garden


I will give you a quick guide on How To make a Strawberry Gutter Garden!

I have been seeing these all over Pinterest and I thought I’d share.

First you need gutters, make sure to get a pretty color, something that will match your yard!

First thing to do is plug the holes, on both ends if they are open, and the drain.

If you plan to hang them make sure to buy some heavy duty wire. Wrap some wire around each end and the middle of the gutter. These will be your supports for your Strawberry Gutter Garden.

Now using the other ends hang garden.

Now fill the gutters with dirt and fertilizer. Plant your strawberry seeds and watch your new Strawberry Gutter Garden come to life!

*Note, if you use Strawberry Seeds you will have to be patient as seeds can take a while to sprout, if they even sprout. If you want a jump start on you Strawberry Gutter Garden try using parts of other strawberry plants! A root a s stem anything you can get your hands on!

Remember to water them regularly. I love using a Strawberry Gutter Garden, it is so easy to pick strawberries as they hang down above your head!

A Strawberry Gutter Garden seems like a great summer DIY! Get started!



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