3 Insanely Cheap Home Improvement Ideas

Making aesthetic improvements to your home is rewarding in many ways. Though you might not have the time or budget to go all out on renovations, you can still spruce up your home with the creative tricks below.

  1. Faux Thick Baseboard

Molding and trim go a long way in adding a bit of luxury to your home. To get the look without the added cost, beef up your baseboards by adding a slim piece of trim a few inches above your baseboards, and then paint in between.




fgdjh2. Wainscoting 

A terrific way to add character to any wall is with wainscoting because it brings dimension and value to plain walls. Wainscoting is the wooden paneling that lines the lower part of the walls of a room.

ggggg  painting-board-and-battenjjhgg

3. Wainscoting using Pre-Made Frames

Measure and figure out how many frames and which sizes you will need for each wall. Nail each one up with finishing nails. No fancy tools just a hammer.






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