Get the Decor of Luxury Homes for Less

Your home is your pride and joy — who wouldn’t want their house to look like one of the luxury homes seen on television? But luxury definitely comes at a price — you can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars on just one room. If you’re on a pretty tight budget, but want at least one room of your home to look like it could be featured in a magazine, here are some affordable luxury home decorating ideas to consider.

Luxe Wallpaper

The walls and floors set the stage for a room’s decor, so focus on those first when adding a luxury look to your home. First, choose a luxe, textured wallpaper for your walls. Look for a purple or maroon wallpaper pattern, as these are colors that are usually associated with royalty. To save money, you can add this textured wallpaper to one wall — preferably the one that you see first when you walk into the room.

Glossy Paint

Another way to add a luxury look to your home without spending a lot of money is to simply use high-quality glossy paint instead of matte paint on your walls. Glossy enamel has a shine and beauty that makes your room look amazing no matter what you put in it.

Intricate Crown Molding

If you check out the luxury homes of many master decorators, celebrities, and wealthy families, you’ll almost always find that the rooms are intricately designed with crown molding. Find a carpenter who is well versed in the various molding concepts, such as adding chair rails, wainscoting (decorative framing patterns on the walls), and putting casings around cabinets. The more detailed and intricate your molding is, the better. Examine your budget to decide how many rooms can be treated with crown molding.

Faux Persian Area Rug

If you want to add a luxury look to a room in one quick step, decorate it with a beautifully patterned area rug. A large handmade Persian area rug is the ultimate choice, but it often comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Check out fairs, outdoor markets, resale stores, and thrift shops to look for faux or used Persian rugs that are more affordable. If needed, invest the money in having it professionally cleaned.

Define a Focal Point

When upgrading your home, you may become overwhelmed with the pressure to buy many different things that look expensive. If you’re on a budget, just focus on buying one thing to use as the focal point for the main room where you entertain guests, whether it’s your living room, dining room, or den. That focal point could be a notable piece of artwork, a sculpture, a vase, or a decorative mirror.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to have a home that looks like it could be worth a million bucks. Start off with these affordable decorating ideas and keep adding more to your decor as time goes on.




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