Checking for Water Leaks


Have you received a larger-than-normal water bill lately? This could be an indication of a water leak. Before you accept the cost of picking up the phone to call a plumber, it is fairly easy to run a test yourself.

Head over to your water meter, usually in the front of the house, near the street. Some need a meter key to open, but they can easily be purchased at Home Depot, Lowe’s or other hardware stores.

#1. Write down the numbers on the meter to see where your current reading is. Don’t use any water for thirty minutes. If the meter shows there is still water usage during this period, go to step two.

#2. Shut off the valves to all of the toilets. If you have a pool with an automatic filler, it has a similar device. Repeat the test again for the same thirty minute. If the numbers haven’t changed this time, it indicates that the toilets probably need servicing.

If the numbers changed during step two, it is an indication there may be a leak and it will need to be tracked down. This would be the time to call a plumber or other professional. Your water department may have consumer help line that can offer suggestions also.

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