8 Priorities for a Successful Real Estate Career


It’s your habits, not your plan, that will determine your success!


#1 – Establish Measurable Goals

These are goals you intend to accomplish

1. Goals need to manageable

2. Goals need to be measurable

Celebrate your results when you meet them


The importance of setting goals


#2 – Make appointments

You need appointments to create revenue

1. Time block for appointments

2. Your activities need to create appointments

This is a mindset focus – without quality appointments you have no career


#3 – Strong emphasis on Technology Marketing

Technology constantly changes

1. Your technology platform should be at the cutting edge – ahead of your competition

2. Know what is coming before it arrives

Your digital footprint must reflect a professional, knowledgeable and caring image


Pick your technology platform wisely

#4 – Implement Traditional Marketing Systems

What is traditional marketing?

1. Print advertising

2. Networking

3. Hands on (Door/phone canvasing/open house)

The basics always have, and always will, work


#5 – Provide Quality Service

Things buyers expect of their agent:

1. Quick response time

2. Listen to their needs

3. Help find the best home

4. Work hard

5. Do a good job facilitating the transaction


Things sellers expect of their agent:

1. Be honest, ethical and up front

2. Listen to their needs

3. Keep client informed

4. Work hard and stay on top of things

5. Explain process and get the sales price right

Info taken from C.A.R. survey – 2014/2015


An Example of Poor Customer Service


#6 – Constantly Thinking and Strategizing

New value is created when the impossible becomes possible

1. Albert Einstein

2. Larry Page and Sergey Brin – cofounders of Google

3. Martin Luther King Jr.

It is often the dreamer who creates new ideas


Dreamers sometimes fail, the key is not giving up.


#7 – Continually Improve Your Presentation

Winning the seller or the buyer:

1. Can they depend you? – Do you know what you are doing?

2. Are you committed to them? – Will you do what you say?

3. Can they trust you? – Will you put their interests above yours?


#8 – Keep up to date on Real Estate Inventory

Know your market – Be familiar with active, pending and sold inventory

Work your market – use all print, digital, and social media platforms

Be seen in your market – Advertise, hold open houses and walk the neighborhood

Drive your market – Be the “go to” agent


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  1. Carolynne Jemes // September 25, 2015 at 5:49 pm // Reply

    Great content and Super videos!


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