Your Real Estate Market is Looking Good


Why should I send Postcards?

Select Marketing has designed the, Your Real Estate Market is Looking Good, postcard to capture the attention of potential sellers. This informative postcard uses current local statistics with a brief punch message and a call-to-action.

Your Real Estate Market is Looking Good plants a seed and communicates you are a real estate expert. In addition the postcard conveys the message that print marketing is one part of your overall marketing plan, and in doing so, it shows potential sellers you have the ability to market their property fully. In-turn, they may feel more confident in choosing you as their REALTOR®.

Who do I market to?

Your neighborhood. Your target market. Your farm list.

What are the Benefits? 

  • Inexpensive
  • Helps you get leads
  • Helps build your pipeline for fall/winter
  • Offers important local real estate information
  • Shows you are a market expert
  • Provides top-of-mind-awareness
  • Designed with a clear call to action

How to order?

Email Today! Select Marketing team will customize your Real Estate Market is Looking Good postcard and return a copy for you to proof. Once approved, we’ll upload the postcard and potential client list to our online printer for production.

Questions? Contact | Graphic Designer | (530) 237-1854


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