11 Ways to Supercharge Your Savings

pig money box with golden coins


1. Clean Filters

Clean out all of your air filters regularly to improve efficiency, cut down on energy consumption, and give you a cleaner quality of air at the same time


2. Coupons! Sales!

Fall in love with sales, discounts, and coupons. These are an absolute savings. Just don’t get stuck buying things which you DON’T need just because they are on sale!


3. Schedule

Live on a “30 Day Schedule”, pretending that any money you get after or outside of those 30 days doesn’t exist.


4. Banking

Switch your bank to an organization that respects you as a customer. Look for better rates, lower fees and a friendly staff who explains all of the nitty gritty. Don’t get sucked into a higher rate just because they are smart talkers – be the smart one and verify all their promises against other banks online first to find the best one for you.


5. Rewards Programs

Take advantage of absolutely EVERY single reward program you can find as a consumer to save money.


6. Repair and Reuse

Fall in love with your sewing machine to repair old clothes rather than buying new ones. It’s easier than you think! You can do a little hand sewing while watching the TV.


7. Kill the Fast Food Bug

Eliminate fast foods and other “pretend cheap” meals and replace them with even cheaper vegetables.


8. Bulk Buy

Order food in bulk and prepare it in large batches to be frozen and reheated later. It helps to reduce cost, and if you freeze these pre-cooked items you also save yourself lots of time later.


9. Turn off the Lights

Get serious about energy conservation in your home by turning out the lights and unplugging appliances.


10. Advanced Thermostats

Install an advanced rogue removal thermostat to cut your energy bills by 20% or more


11. Prevent before it Breaks

Perform preventative maintenance and routine checkups on all of your appliances and automobiles to avoid costly repair expenses




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