9 BBQ Tricks That Will Make You a Pro

If you can already smell the goodness in the air, you know that it is BBQ season! Here are 10 BBQ Hacks that will be sure to make you a pro. Do you know a BBQ trick that wasn’t listed? Write it in the comments below!






  1. Clean Your Grill with Aluminum Foil

Cleaning the grill when the grates are still warm is a well-known trick itself, but what do you do if you don’t have a grill brush around? Use aluminum foil! Make a ball out of it and start cleaning! Link







  1. Make Your Grill a Smoker

Don’t have a Smoker laying around? No problem! Soak wood chips and put a pan of water in your grill. To get indirect heat, you’ll want your flames going on only one side, so you’re your soon-to-be-smoked briskets over if you’re using a charcoal grill, or just light one side on a gas grill. If you’re using a charcoal grill, you can dump the soaked wood chips right on top. If you’re using gas, you can either put the chips in a pan or wrap them in foil, making sure that you poke holes. Link







  1. Check Your Propane Level with Hot Water

Running out of gas for the grill is the worst! You can get a good idea of how much propane’s left with this easy method. All you have to do is, pour some hot water down the side of your propane tank. Where ever there is propane, it will feel cold, and where it’s empty, it will feel warm. This is because the propane will absorb the heat from the hot water. Link






  1. Cook Fish on Lemons to Keep It from Sticking to the Grill

Cooking fish on the grill can leave you disappointed by the amount stuck to the grate. Oil doesn’t seem to be of much help either. However, try this out! Make a bed of lemons and cook the fish on top. Not only will it infuse the flavor of the lemon, but you’ll get to actually eat all of the fish you cooked! Link





  1. Cook Juicier Burgers with Ice and Butter

Some grillers already put a dimple in their burgers to keep it from rising while it cooks, but you can do even better. Place some ice chips, or butter, in the indentation. The ice or butter will keep your burger patty from drying out while you cook it! Link







  1. Throw Herbs Over Hot Coals

The Oregonian has a list of herbs that can be placed directly over hot charcoal to infuse your food with a subtle flavor. Use herbs like rosemary: Its thick, woody stems means that it will burn longer than more delicate herbs. It’s also considered a natural mosquito repellent and will make your yard smell incredible. Link







  1. Use an Egg Carton to Light Coals

Karen Way of blog Sew Many Ways wrote this handy trick to start a fire quickly. By simply taking a cardboard egg carton and placing one Match Light briquette in each slot, the kindling and coals are in close proximity and will light beautifully. Just make sure your carton is made from cardboard, not styrofoam. You can even make premade kits and bring them camping with you. Link







  1. Spiral-Cut a Hot Dog

This simple technique looks complicated but it is quite the opposite. Besides making everyone stare in awe, the spiral cut creates more surface area giving you a crunchier, and caramelized finished product. It also creates nice little pockets for your sauces and condiments! Link







  1. Use Muffin Tin Condiments Dispenser

Use a muffin tin to dispense condiments! The muffin tin will eliminate the number of dishes you have to wash and keep all the options for condiments in one place.

1 Comment on 9 BBQ Tricks That Will Make You a Pro

  1. Thanks for going over some BBQ tips. I actually didn’t know that propane absorbs heat from the hot water, and you can use it to check how much propane is in a tank. I’m interested to learn if you should check for this often, like once a month or something. Either way, it definitely sounds good to do this well in advance so that you know how much propane you have.


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