The Wildflower Guide to Hiking Lake Tahoe


The wildflowers in the Lake Tahoe Basin are most abundant and colorful in late spring and early summer. Enjoy several of these easy hikes and take in the nature that makes Lake Tahoe truly one-of-a-kind! Check out this list to find your own hiking experience at a shore nearest you!



Big Meadow
Flowers include brown pinedrops, pink monkeyflowers and purple columbine.
Two miles hiking distance.
Off SR 89 about 8 miles south of Meyers.

Frog & Winnemucca Lakes
Flowers include blue flax, red mountain sorrel and red alpine paintbrush.
Two miles hiking distance.
SR 88 south of the Carson Pass.


Marlette Lake
Flowers include pink bog mallow, pink yarrow and various lavender flowers.
Five miles hiking distance.
Off SR 28 at Spooner Lake, north to the sign.




Cascade Falls to Snow Lake
Flowers include purple lupine, pink monkeyflowers, and purple-yellow camas lilies.
Variable hiking distance.
SR 89 at Bayview trailhead.

Eagle, Velma & Fontanillis Lakes
Flowers include pink and red mountain pride, yellow sulfur flower and white Sierra saxifrage.
Five miles hiking distance.
SR 89 at the Emerald Bay, Eagle Falls parking lot.




Donner Lake Area
Flowers include wintergreen, blue-yellow-white porterellas, purple-yellow camas lilies and brown pinedrops.
Two miles hiking distance.
Just off I-80, west of Truckee.
Donner Pass-Pacific Crest Trail
Flowers include orange lilies, pink monkeyflowers and pink fireweed.
Variable hiking distance.
Less than two miles off SR 89, west of Truckee.

Mt. Rose
Flowers include red alpine paintbrush, white-purple lupine and pink fireweed.
Six miles hiking distance if you want to reach the peak.
West off SR 431 just before the Mt. Rose Summit.

Squaw Valley
Flowers include blue gentians and white thimble berries.
Two miles hiking distance.
West off SR 89 at the Squaw Valley turnoff.


For more hiking trails, visit the Lake Tahoe Vacation Guide Here!

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