7 Gadgets We Will Use to Spring Clean in the Future

One Google search will reveal tons of Spring Cleaning checklists and tips, and you could even find a wealth of information on the topic on our blog, but what about something that is far more obscure and interesting? How about 7 gadgets we will use to Spring Clean in the future? From little flying robots, to a cardboard vacuum cleaner, cleaning in the future seems way more interesting. Surprisingly, a few on this list will actually be available sometime in the near future! Go ahead and check them out, tell us which one you want!



  1. Vax ev Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner  The world’s first cardboard vacuum cleaner: made from recycled and recyclable materials for optimum sustainability. Vax ev is an eco-friendly alternative to the well-known vacuum cleaner. Currently it’s a working prototype from a UK company.



  1. Self-Sterilizing Door Handle

    This design concept for a self-sterilizing door handle was a contest winner. When not in use, the handle turns on a UV light that sterilizes the surface, meaning no more icky germs on bathroom (and other) doors. Genius!



  1. Renew Clothes Steamer

    What if you could steam clean your clothes in seconds rather than using up an hour or more (not to mention tons of water and energy) to wash and dry them the conventional way? This design finalist is a wall-mounted clothes steamer that blasts garments with a high-powered jet of steam to get them instantly clean. It would rely on RFID clothing tags, which would instantly tell it the fabric and size of the garment to customize the temperature and amount of steam.



  1. The Mab

 The ball-shaped shuttle acts as a base for hundreds of mini-robots that fly out to reach the farthest corners of the house, scan the entire space and start cleaning in a choreographed swarm-like play that can be both breathtaking and spooky



  1. Orbital Washing Machine: The Orbital aims to simplify the washing process. It comes with two baskets, one for whites and one for colors. Pop the basket into the machine and pop out still in basket form. The spherical shape surges clothes in all directions for a faster and more energy efficient wash, and the detergent tray dispenses detergent based on load and water level. Smart!



  1. Aeroball: Described as a revolutionary way to improve the spaces in which we live, the Aeroball is a collection of tiny bubbles that float and hover to clean and filter the air around you. You can even get a scented variety!



  1. Eco Cleaner

Without using regular dish detergents, the Eco Cleaner makes the plates bright and fresh using ultrasonic waves to ionize food particles on the dishes, converting the food into reusable compost for plants. Less waste and more nutrients for plants are a good idea for the future and a solution for enriching the soil. Of course, we’re talking about the soil for the plants that you keep in your apartment.


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