The Top 10 Unique Eateries in the Nation

Ever feel like trying something new? We all do, but how about a dining in a laundry facility? Or eating in pitch black to increase your sense of taste? If you are a curious eater, check out this list of The Top 10 Unique Eateries in the Nation, and tell us where you would want to go. It might be closer than you think!


Heart Attack Grill owner Jon poses with a quadruple bypass cheese burger in Chandler, Arizona

  1. The Heartattack Grill – Las Vegas,CA

The Heartattack Grill is one of the only restaurants in the world who proudly exclaim the horrible consequences of eating their own food and even advise against it. Their signature burger “The Quadruple Bypass Burger” contains a whopping 10,000 calories! Complete with nurses outfits, medical imagery and boasts food cooked in “Pure Lard”, it is no surprise some people have actually died from the grill, including two spokespersons. The view looks better on the outside for me…



  1. The Cave – Richland, MO

The nation’s only restaurant inside of a cave award goes to “The Cave” in Richland, MO. Not only are you able to eat down under, but they offer a “Stalagmite Challenge”. If you can eat it in 30 minutes, it’s free!



  1. Ninja New York – New York City, NY

Built to resemble a ninja village of the feudal days, Ninja New York offers a mysterious and sneaky feel to your meal. With waiters and waitresses in black garments and ninja attire, they preform tricks to wow curious eaters who wonder in to their establishment. Ninja’s website claims to have rooms laid out in the complexity of a maze, as well as contain clever contraptions to “deceive the eye of any intruder”. Most seem to agree that this extraordinary experience comes at a high cost.



  1. Harvey Washbangers – College Station, TX

Have you ever had to do your laundry at a facility and became incredibly hungry, but unable to leave your clothes? Harvey Washbangers in College Station Texas aims to solve this very dilemma. With a state-of-the-art laundry facility, bar and grill, Harvey Washbangers is truly unique. You will never look at doing laundry the same!



  1. Safe House – Milwaukee, WI

Have you ever wanted to dine like a secret agent? If so, Safe House in [REDACTED] Milwaukee will do the trick! Safe House goes all out to ensure your experience is confidential and their website shows passion of uniqueness. Check it out!


2.18 J-Moving steadily along, Fritz Railroad Restaurant

  1. Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant – Kansas City, MO

Trains, Food and Novelty make Fritz Railroad Restaurant a new experience to behold. Kids will truly love having the miniature trains pull up with their food in tow! An interesting and fun experience awaits at this Kansas City eatery.



  1. Magic Restroom Café – Los Angeles, CA

If you not one for toilet humor, then Magic Restroom Café in Los Angeles, CA isn’t for you. Serving all their food (Taiwanese) in a porcelain bowl resembling a toilet, this eatery resembles a restroom from top to bottom. If you can stomach the atmosphere, it is sure to give you a unique experience.

Update: Apparently more people were demanding photos than food as this unique establishment has gone down the toilet and is permanently closed.


  1. Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar – San Francisco, CA

Imitating a tropical Hawaiian getaway, the Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar comes complete with tables by the water, an inside boat, and high end décor. This San Francisco restaurant even features timed simulated storms to make your stay an exciting one.



  1. The Airplane Restaurant – Colorado Springs, CO

Built from a fully intact 1953 Boeing KC-97 tanker, The Airplane Restaurant in Colorado Springs, CO allows all guests to come aboard and eat. The plane is full of memorabilia and rare artifacts to add to your experience.



  1. Opaque – San Francisco, CA

Last but not least is Opaque, in San Francisco, CA. Taking dining to a dark place, Opaque sees eating in a new light, by turning them off. You will be seated and served in a pitch black dining room by blind or visually impaired servers who have been specially trained. From there, your heightened senses from your lack of vision take over and your experience is unlike any other.


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