7 Amazing Client Gifts for your “A” List!

1. Featuring: The All New Select Recipe Book Vol. 2!!

Containing elegant and decadent recipes from this year’s newsletters “Life & Real Estate”! You can custom order your Select Recipe Book with your information, photos  and a special note from you to your clients. Stay on the forefront of their minds with this excellent gift that not only looks amazing, but it serves a tasteful purpose! The Select Recipe Book Vol. 2 is not only a creative and inexpensive way to show your appreciation this holiday season, but it is also a great incentive for your clients to join your own newsletter program!  Email orders@selectgroupre.com to order yours today!


Check out  6 other Client Gift Ideas! Plus see a bonus list of subscription gifts at the end!


2. Custom House Ornament

We put ornaments on our Christmas tree of important or meaningful things that trigger an emotion. A home purchase is one of the biggest and most emotional purchases clients can make. Using a site like Etsy, you can have a custom ornament created for your client that looks like their home.

Expect to pay: Varies, Around $75



3. Personalized Glass Coasters

Glass coasters are great for clients who frequently entertain, and with a new home, the odds are high. They are stylish and have a special touch that can be personalized. These coasters also come with protective pads that attach to the bottom to protect surfaces from scratches and scuffs.

Expect to pay: About $49 a set


0307_harleycertificate_sm4. New Home AND Stock Owner


For a whimsical but practical gift that your clients will proudly display in their new home, consider giving a single share of stock in a public company that would appeal to your clients’ unique sense of taste. A San Francisco–based company called OneShare allows you to send a framed stock certificate for an actual share of stock from any one of 130 public companies. Among the most popular are Disney, DreamWorks Animation SKG, Harley-Davidson, Wal-Mart, General Motors, Tiffany & Co., and Microsoft. Especially popular among real estate practitioners are stocks from Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Starbucks. The frame also has a space for an optional custom message from you for a small extra charge.

Expect to pay: $39 + (price of the stock as listed on the stock exchange on the date of purchase. Additional upgrade to wood or brushed metal frame for $34-$64.)


logostampCustom_Self_Inking_Stamp_Realtor_Housewarming_Thank_You_Gift-1024x7685. Customized Address Stamp

Help your clients get used to their new address by providing a customized address stamp. Not only can will you help them, your information will stay in the home while being functional. Arroyo Grande, Calif.-based VRS Marking allows you to customize the self-inking address stamps with your photo, name, and contact information on the side. Every time your clients use the address stamp, they’ll think of you. Prepay for the stamps and order them with each client’s information as you need them. Once you create your account with the company, you can order individual address stamps after each home you close. The company delivers them in a complimentary gift box to your client, or you have the choice to deliver them personally.

Expect to pay: $22.95 per stamp for a package of five different addresses to $13.90 per stamp for orders of 100 or more.


flag6. Patriotic Gift

You can’t go wrong with the American flag, especially when the new home owners are following the American dream. This is a wonderful housewarming gift since it is a gift everyone needs, but seldom get around to buying.  Wouldn’t it be great to be known as the broker who gifts American flags! Picture your entire realty farm proudly displaying their flags on the 4th of July!

Expect to pay: $42.92 + Shipping

handy7. Handyman Gift Basket

This thoughtful Handyman housewarming basket is filled with many of the practical everyday essentials all clients will appreciate! The tools can include:


  • Custom engraved Swiss Army Knife.
  • 12.5″ Stanley Tool Box with Insert
  • Work Gloves
  • 6 Power Strip, Level
  • 8-in-1 Screwdriver, Flashlight, Jerky
  • 16′ Tape Measure, Crazy Glue, Snacks

Expect to pay: Varies, about $75.00




Bonus Subscription Gifts:

 Make A Happy Chef:
Reach out to The Ruhlin Group. This firm and its founder, John Ruhlin, are considered experts in high level gifting plans and being memorable.  One of their most popular campaigns involves a custom engraved set of Cutco cutlery. Every month different knives and tools are delivered to fill the 18 piece wooden block.


Gift Style:

Most of us don’t get around to buying quality socks, but you can help your stylish clients’ needs with Sock 101. They created the Sock of the Month Club. One pair of high-quality, stylish dress socks will be sent to your clients every month. Now, when people compliment their savvy style, your company may just come up in conversation.


For The Dogs:

Do you have a client who loves their dog? Check out BarkBox. This business sends treats, toys, and more for your client’s pets and keeps you in the top of their minds… and for sure the dog’s mind!


Gift Fitness:

Regardless if you personally partake in fitness goals, you can still support your client’s healthy habits. Try out Graze for a health food subscription service. A healthy client equals a happy client.


Breakfast of the Month Club

Most clients are busy, and they love to find ways to streamline their mornings. Ready-to-eat breakfast can be a big relief. Using a company like Wolferman’s, will bring a smile to your clients each month when they get a basket of goodies to their door.



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