How to save money and time while working free of distractions

save money

Working from home does have its advantages, but when it comes to distractions it can be overwhelming. Here are a few quick tips to help you keep focused and finish faster. Plus the top 4 apps to save some money at the end!


Social media

Set up specific times of the day to use social media and restrict your usage during work.



Lay ground rules to family and friends. Outline times of the day they can, or cannot stop by or call.


Make a Dedicated workspace

Create a dedicated workspace for yourself that is closed off and free from noise or traffic.


Know your limits

Taking breaks can actually make you work more efficiently and increase your concentration. Grab a snack or go outdoors for a few minutes. This can clear your head, and help with stress.


Resolve problems before work

Try to solve any personal issues or concerns before working. Failing to do so, might cause you focus on resolving the issue instead of your work.



Save money with these 4 apps




Link your bank and credit cards accounts to this watchdog app and it’ll flag questionable charges and

recurring fees you may not have noticed-and help you remove them. (iOS,Android)




Shop with this app and you’ll stop wondering whether you’re getting the best deal. It lets you scan retail barcodes

and alerts you of lower prices online or at nearby stores. (iOS, Android)



If you’re a member of a museum, a professional group, AARP, Costco, or thousands of other organizations,

you may be eligible for discounts. Register with Larky and you’ll get a

reminder when you’re near one of these money-saving perks. (iOS)


Key Ring

key ring

Lighten your key chain by uploading your loyalty cards to this app.

Cashiers can scan them from your phone, and you’ll have access to

Key Ring’s exclusive deals and coupons at thousands of stores. (iOS, Android)

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