New businesses to open in South Lake Tahoe

A number of new businesses are landing in South Lake Tahoe this year, while several establishments plan to relocate around town.

downtown tahoe

Currently, the city is reviewing a proposal from alcoholic beverage retailer BevMo that calls for the construction of a 10,000-square-foot building next to T.J. Maxx at the “Y.”

If everything goes BevMo’s way, the company plans to start work on its first South Shore location May 1, city Assistant Planner Judy Finn said.

The city is in the process of reviewing the design plans for the project and should complete the evaluation within the next six weeks, she said. As it stands, everything is on track for BevMo to begin work on its desired start date.

Kris Mulkey, director of public relations, social and events at BevMo, said the company plans to open the store in the fourth quarter of 2014.

“We’re really excited since the closest BevMo! to Tahoe is in Sacramento…” he said in an email. “I’ll have more details regarding the marketing plan as we get closer to the opening.”

Before it can begin construction on its new building, BevMo plans on tearing down an old building which is currently occupied by Mr. Suds laundromat, South Shore Bikes and SUP Tahoe — a stand-up paddleboard rental shop.

Mr. Suds has been looking for a new location for its business, but the search hasn’t been easy, co-owner Tom Chiappa said. It has yet to find a new location.

South Shore Bikes and SUP Tahoe plan on moving to a different property at 871 Emerald Bay Road, said Hec Hernandez, owner of South Shore Bikes.

Both SUP Tahoe and South Shore Bikes will move to their new location around April, he said. Right now, the property they are seeking is still in escrow.

On the same side of town, Wells Fargo — located inside Raley’s at the “Y” — plans on separating from the supermarket and moving into its own space a few doors down, Finn said. The branch plans on occupying the old Sports Ltd. store at 1032 Emerald Bay Road after it finishes some interior improvements.

It has filed an application with the city, and the project is in the design review process, she said. All work on the city’s end should be complete in about a week.

Additionally, a new FedEx store is going in at Heavenly Village, Finn said. No design review is needed for that project, and the company should begin work on the location later this month.

“It would be really handy for the people that need to do their shipping in that area,” she said.

For those seeking additional automotive options, an Auto Zone is coming to South Lake Tahoe near Izzy’s Burgers on Highway 50. The store will replace an existing martial arts building and hopes to begin construction for the project by May 1, Finn said.

Several other businesses have also expressed interest in bringing stores to South Lake Tahoe recently, she said. However, nothing is concrete at this time.

“We seem to be busy with a lot of inquiries,” Finn said.

Source: Tahoe Daily Tribune

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