Got a Christmas tree to unload? Call a Scout


Covered in pine needles and tree sap, Andrew Evans gets some reinforcement as he teeters on the edge of a trailer packed with dry Christmas trees. He and other members of Boy Scout Troop 380 are collecting discarded evergreens from Sacramento County neighborhoods. Scoutmaster Dave Ishikawa says his troop has been treecycling for 15 years with the help of County Waste Management. “It’s a way for the boys to earn their way to summer camp,” he says. Most residents donate $10 for their curbside pickup. Over the next two Saturdays, Troop 380 hopes to gather up more than 400 trees. “I like providing a service to people,” says Evans, a 14-year-old junior troop leader. He says the tree pickup helps the environment because “we can collect their trees and dispose of them without burning them and causing pollution to the atmosphere.” To have a tree picked up by the Scouts in the Rosemont, Mather or Vineyard areas, register online at or call (916) 363-0380. To find a troop that’s recycling trees in your area, call the Boy Scouts Service Center at (916) 929-1417.

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