Holiday hotline helps get stains out

Company’s coming; how do the carpets look?

carpetCarpet cleanliness tends to stress holiday hosts, according to a new survey. More than half of those surveyed said they worried about how clean their carpets appear before having people over for the holidays.

Then, they stress more – about how to get out any stains that may happen during dinner, parties or other merry making.

With that in mind, Rug Doctor offers a holiday hotline, targeting stain removal from carpeting and upholstery. Now through Feb. 1, the free hotline will be open daily from 6a.m. to 6p.m. at (800)RUG-DOCTOR.

Or click on for a live chat with a stain removal expert. (And if you’re wondering about the Feb. 1 cutoff, the hotline stays open through January to help hosts in advance of Super Bowl as well as cleaning up after New Year’s parties.)

In addition to rental carpet cleaning machines, Rug Doctor offers several cleaning products. Sometimes a combination of products can be more effective on tough stains than one product alone, the experts noted.

For example, some protein-based stains such as eggnog and gravy may be treated with urine eliminator instead of spot and stain remover. (If treating pet urine, attack the stain as soon as possible; the acidic nature of this stain can permanently bleach carpet and fabric if allowed to set.) Butter and grease stains need pretreatment before spot removal.

The toughest stain? Mustard. Its yellow coloring is near permanent. Attack it with full-strength white vinegar, alternating with stain and spot remover. Remember to blot (not rub) with a clean cloth.


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