Building Your 2014 Social Strategy


  • Be Social.  They call it SOCIAL media for a reason! You’re not going to get leads from social media unless you remember this. Everyday look for opportunities to join conversations in your social network. Start conversations with people- even people you’re not connected with. Look for those opportunities. This is a relationship business, focus on building social relationships.
  • Do it. The best social media strategy is the one you’ll stick with. The hardest part about finding success on social media is setting aside the time to go in and keep your presence up to date. Make it a priority. Add it to your to-do list. If you don’t consciously set aside this time, you won’t be building a solid social media presence.
  • Don’t try to do everything. Be the master of your specialty. Don’t try to keep profiles on every social media site up-to-date. Pick one or two social media sites and drive those home.
  • Amplify what you’re already doing off line. Don’t try to reinvent yourself online. Play off what you’re already doing and let the scope of social networks amplify the results you’re already seeing. Whether that’s networking with other real estate professionals, staying up to date with national trends, staying up to date on community events, or share interior decorating idea.
  • Content is Key! Use news articles and photos to start conversations. You should be sharing new content to your online network on a regular basis. You don’t have to be the original source of a piece of content, but you DO need to be your network’s source for that information. Share posts and tweets from the experts. Give your clients useful brand building content. Train your network to come to you for specific information. You’re doing it right if your clients visit your Facebook Business Page every Friday to find a weekend community event, or if they visit your Twitter account whenever they want more information about financial news.

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