Size does matter in the world of wines


You’ve seen them, those extra-large, giant or even enormous bottles of wine or champagne.  But do you know the names for these different wine bottle sizes? How much wine do they contain? And more importantly, what size might you get for your own party or event?

Wines come in a myriad of styles from big, full bodied and fortified, to light and crisp.  And just like the wines, their bottles are produced in a wide array of sizes and shapes, too.  While it’s pretty easy to find magnums, the larger-format bottles are rarer, and usually available only at auctions.  As you might imagine, large bottles are considered collectibles because of their rarity.

Larger bottle sizes are well suited to longer aging of Bordeaux wine or other wines.  In fact, often wine from larger formats age more slowly and possibly even develop more complexity and nuances than wines from smaller bottles.  This is due to the relatively smaller amount of air that resides between the cork and the wine.

Interestingly, many names for wine bottle sizes were chosen after Biblical characters.  This is a list of the most frequently used wine bottle sizes, their names, and the amount of wine they contain.

Whether it’s a split of bubbly just for yourself, or a Methuselah shared with friends for a special celebration, the wine inside will always be perfect for any occasion.

Source: Galena Times

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