Quality of Life Draws Many to Nevada’s Capital


Quality of life is many different things to a person.  It may be the excitement and bustle of a big city or the slow pace and solitude of rural living.  It can be fine dining and museums or the availability of trails close to home.  The value placed on certain aspects of life is a very individual decision.  Experiencing a consistent sense of well-being equates to a high quality of life.  For many, the lifestyle and amenities available in Carson City have allowed them to enjoy a quality of life that’s full of the diversity most often seen in bigger cities, yet with the accessibility more common in smaller towns.

With a population of 55,000, Carson City offers similar activities as Reno but on a smaller scale and unique to Nevada’s State Capital, such as the Nevada Day Parade, the Ghost Walk, the V & T Polar Express Train, and the Taste of Downtown.  And thanks to the new Interstate 580, access to Carson City from the Reno area has been reduced by about 10 minutes.

If you’re looking for a place to spend time outdoors, Carson City has just about everything.  With 80 percent of Carson City’s 146 square miles comprised of open spaces, there are a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy.  The Carson River offers fishing and class 1-2 rapids, and the network of trails throughout and surrounding the city offers opportunities to mountain bike, run, hike, dirt bike, and horseback ride.  Five golf courses and 20 city parks add to the mix of options.  And thanks to the Quality of Life Fund established in 1996, ¼ cent of Carson City’s sales tax goes towards purchasing and preserving land for open spaces and parks.

For those looking for art and history, there’s the Nevada State Museum and Mint, the Brewery Arts Center, and Carson City’s historic West Side District, which are all within a mile of downtown Carson City.  Numerous art galleries and antique shops are located downtown and within walking distance to both casual and fine dining.  Fortunately for Northern Nevadans, we don’t have to travel very far to experience many aspects of both city and rural living.  The Carson City Visitor’s Bureau website has excellent information on where to go for the activities of your choice. Nevada’s capital presents plenty of opportunities to experience your own personal sense of well-being.

Source: Galena Times

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