New Spin on the Classic Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Growing up, we always played the license plate game or the ABC game, but the license plate game always took too long and the ABC game always ended too quickly.  So as I was thinking of travel activities with my kids, I thought it would be fun to do a little of both–a travel scavenger hunt where they can keep their eyes open for interesting (or not-so-interesting) things along the way, with plenty of snacks on hand to keep everyone happy.


I got a couple of cheap ice cube trays and some labels from the office department of the store…

Then I just started listing things they could keep their eyes out for.  The labels fit perfectly inside the ice cube trays.  And the ice cube trays fit perfectly indie their backpack to they can continue the game even outside of the car!


Keep the kids full by incorporating food into the game.  The trays hold little snacks perfectly so they can also fill the wells with crackers, chips, nuts, etc as the trip goes on.

My kids LOVED it! The more obscure the item the better.  The kids had a great time looking out for everything from alpacas to lightning.   I suggest taking pictures of the kids as they find the items too, it makes for a fun way to remember the vacation!

Here are some suggested items to include if you can’t think of any off of the top of your head:

  • License plate (From a random state)
  • A horse
  • Crossing a bridge
  • Going through a tunnel
  • The word “Super”
  • Aplaca
  • Road construction
  • Passing through a forest
  • A fountain
  • Billboard with a sports team


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