Luxury Smart Home Technology Trends

Relatively untouched by the flood of innovations in gadgetry prior to this, the home has become a playground for luxury technology.  For tech-heads with cash to burn, the idea of creating an operating system that allows you to control every aspect of your home through touch screen interfaces (including your smart phone) is very exciting.

Besides being fun and convenient to live in, smart homes are now being spun as the answer to everything from global warning to solving security problems and tiredness.  Practical? Yes.  Pricey? Very.  Worth it? Definitely!

In the corporate space, office headquarters for major conglomerates like Google and Apple have been converted into creative working wonderlands, utilizing automation in a big way to inspire their employees.  The financial success of these companies indicates that perhaps the “smart” in these new technologies is contagious.

From the Office to the Home


Work hard, play harder.  Now you can live the future with advanced smart home technology – at a price.  Spend your hard-earned cash on cool gadgets that will transform your living experience by adding a touch of the Digital Age to your everyday life.

From room-to-room environmental control, to smart security systems, and completely customized cinema installations that will blow your mind, The Private Cinema Company is at the forefront of this cutting-edge trend.  A UK-based business that was founded on curating the best technologies available on the market and using them to re-create the living space of their clients’ dreams, they’re definitely one to watch in terms of breaking barriers in the home automation market.

Themed Cinemas Add a Magical Element to the Home


Following an innovative approach towards designing and commissioning their projects, managing director Jeremy Tucker has spoken about some of the more peculiar developments his company is currently involved in.  One of them being their themed cinemas.  Adding an extra dimension to normal living room entertainment, Jeremy vouches that their themed cinemas lend a magical element to the home.  Extravagant, understated, or anything in-between, in Jeremy’s words “anything is possible when commissioning The Private Cinema Company.”

Intelligent Glass


Another interesting window into the world of home automating that Jeremy and his team offer is their intelligent glass installations.  A buzz word that is already very popular in high-end international office spaces, home owners now have access to these “smart” glass partitions and windows, which turn into frosted surfaces at the touch of button.  Even better? The effect is instantaneous – transforming the glass into a projector that can be used to watch a movie, or display your choice of imagery around the home.

Simplify Your Daily Living

For those who are mainly looking to ensconce themselves in comfort and luxury home decor (nothing wrong with that), The Private Cinema Company’s services cover the whole home.  Simple things, whether it be watching HD videos or streaming music in any room of the house, to running a bath before you get out of bed; their aim is to enhance all aspects of your life.

Envision being able to log into your home network from any location, provided you have an Internet connection.  You could tune into your security videos, as well as create movement in your home; presetting your entertainment, lights and blinds to mimic your normal routine while you’re on vacation.


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