Car Safety Tips to Prepare you for a Weekend Getaway

Before hitting the open road, make sure you’ll be safe along the way by reviewing these tips!

Cellular Security:

To stay in touch with work and home, as well as handle unexpected events on the road, a cell phone is essential.  Before leaving on your trip, ask your service provider about roaming fees and countrywide coverage.


Overall Checkup:

Whether you do it yourself or go to a garage, pre-trip auto maintenance is key to comfortable cruising.  Check the wiper blades, all fluid levels (oil, water, etc.), belt and hose connections, tire pressure, turn signals, horn and headlights.  If your car is still not instilling confidence, consider an all-out professional inspection.


Trunk 101:

Exactly how prepared you want to be as far as your in-car tool kit is up to you, but a few items go without saying (OK, we’ll say them anyway).  The following should always be within easy reach when you open your trunk door: a tire iron, bottled water, fire extinguisher, first-aid kit and reflectors/flares.


Spare Care:

Just because you have a spare tire doesn’t mean it’s in working order.  Give it a good look before hitting the road to ensure it’s properly pumped and the treads are intact.  If you’ve got the space, swap out doughnut tires for a full-size spare.



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