Luxury Necessities: Best New Travel Accessories

Whether you’re treating a case of wanderlust or traveling for work, there’s no reason luxury should be a packing casualty.

These latest luxury necessities will get you comfortable and prepared for your next flight.

Omega Men’s Seamaster Professional Diver ($4,180)


Omega has been James Bond’s watch for the last two decades, and when Daniel Craig rebooted the franchise in 2006 with “Casino Royale,” it was with the Seamaster on his wrist.  If it’s good enough for the ultimate international spy, it’s good enough for a sales trip to Ypsilanti. 

Brunello Cucinelli Leather and Flannel Overnight Bag ($2,190)


Just because you’re making a last-minute trip doesn’t mean you can’t rush off in style.  Nearly every Cucinelli 2013 item seems to be made with the fashion-forward adventurer in mind. 

Sennheiser MM 450-X Travel ($450)


Noise cancellation, premium sound quality and no cords to tangle — that’s pretty standard stuff for headphones these days.   These ones also come with Bluetooth capability that allows you to take calls and the TalkThrough feature lets you have a conversation with the flight attendant without doffing your cans.  Just make sure the guy next to you doesn’t catch on to that function. 

Leica X2 ($1,995)


This beauty lets you capture just how breathtaking your surroundings are without forcing to you to lug a large, scoliotic camera around your neck.  Designed to look like the machine your dad toted around on family road trips, this 12-ounce, pocket-sized shooter snaps images the old man couldn’t have dreamed of.

Globe-Trotter Centenary Collection Luggage ($723-1807)


Globe-Trotter has been an elite name in luggage since people began trotting around the globe for pleasure.  They’ve carried the necessities of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Winston Churchill.  Handmade with Victorian machinery, these timeless suitcases will stay in the family for generations and get cooler with wear.

Swarovski 10x32mm EL SwaroVision Binoculars ($2,239)


If you’re going to be seeing the best sights a country has to offer, you’ll want the best sight you can afford.  The SwaroVision glasses come with the highest quality optical performance you’ll find in a binocular that comes in a size you won’t mind hauling around.

Garmin Montana 650t ($600)


It’s impossible to get lost with this abuse- and water-resistant GPS.  The device even tells you your exact altitude by tracking changes in pressure.  BaseCamp software helps you plan your excursion beforehand, and the camera feature geotags images instantly so that you’ll know the exact spot where you took each photo.

Eddie Bauer Airstream ($75,495)air

Everything from the cabinetry to the goose-down pillows in this aluminum fortress on wheels was designed for travelers for whom camping means not having to give up a single convenience.  There’s enough room in front to sleep four comfortably, and the rear storage will fit a couple kayaks and loads of luggage.

MasterLock TSA-Accepted Combination Lock ($9)


If you’re packing all of this luxury gear, you’ll want to be sure it doesn’t come across any baggage handlers with sticky fingers.  MasterLock makes locks that allow TSA agents to open them with universal master keys.


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