Chico | Ballet and Cars at Concours de la Chapelle


If you’re weary of summer barbeques with dress codes involving flip-flops and shorts, then you need to check out Concours de la Chapelle on Aug 24th! There are few events in the region aimed specifically at adults that provide us with the opportunity to combine elegance, class, and youthful  fun in the same atmosphere – think party at Gatsby’s. Imagine yourself sipping a martini, fine wine, or glass of Champagne while wandering through cool, lush lawns surrounded by gorgeous European automobiles, costumed ballerinas, and fine art, then kicking off your heels (or tie) and dancing under the stars to the rocking groove of The Alternators!

As one of Northern California’s premier events Concours de la Chapelle is the largest fundraiser for the Northern California Ballet, a world-class ballet school, located in Paradise. Between the four differently themed bars, each with live music performances, the Art-in-the-Barn art show & sale curated bu Avenue 9 Gallery, exquisite one-of-a-kind cars, silent auction, and catering provided by Italian Guy Catering, Roots Catering, Blue Sugar Cupcakes, and Outback Catering, we didn’t think there was much more they could add. And yet, this year they’ve outdone themselves again. The Wine & Champagne bar adjacent to the Art-in-the-Barn show will provide visitors the opportunity to buy fine wines ($100+ bottles) by the glass while enjoying note after beautiful note provided by a classical string quartet.

Proceeds from the Concours de la Chapelle go to Northern California Ballet, which is celebrating its 13th anniversary. The fundraiser supports the ongoing efforts of Trudi Angel, Artistic Director and founder, who has devoted the past thirty years to enhancing the area’s culture and providing a wonderful outlet for young minds to express themselves. Originally opened in Paradise, the program has recently expanded and will soon open the doors to its new Oroville studio which will be run by Trish Young, furthering its reach and making the program even more accessible to interested ballet dancers. Both centers provide a hub for dancers – beginning, intermediate, and advanced – to receive training and further their artistic development. A number of these student dancers have gone on to earn positions at notable homes like the Boston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, and New York Ballet.

In December, Norther California Ballet will present its version of The Nutcracker at the Paradise Preforming Arts Center and will follow the performance with another in Many of Don Quixote. Many of  the dancers in these shows will have had the opportunity to learn and perform with Northern California Ballet thanks to generous tuition scholarships funded by the Concours de la Chapelle. Whether you’re looking to support the ballet or simply have a fantastic time in one of the area’s most elegant settings, you can’t possibly go wrong here.

Source: Upgraded Living Magazine

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