Private Jet App | Booking Flights Worth $500,000

A Middle East family paid around $500,000 for a charter plane to Europe last month. In the world of private jetting this amount can be considered usual. However, the amusing fact here is that the same booking was done through an iPhone app.

Director of Marketing at Private Fly, the company that handled this client was equally surprised with this innovative use of technology. Carol Cork, the Director Marketing pointed out that this kind of booking amounted to massive verification of mobile technology on their part.

It is a fact that wealthy clients and most of private jet companies are going mobile, given the fact that technology has percolated to the lowest level.  Aviation experts were of the view that airlines booking, especially involving huge sums of money could never be done through mobile technology, but the recent happenings in aviation market have certainly proved them wrong.

Private Fly is visibly enthusiastic about this innovative use of technology. They expect the bookings done through apps to double during the current and upcoming quarter of the year. Most of these app bookings are coming from their regular business flyers who are always short of time and need to book a flight, even at the shortest notice.


This use of technology, especially bookings through apps was observed recently when Heathrow airport had to close and many people got stuck for long at the airport. iPhone were used at that time too to book flights so that people could reach home for the Christmas celebrations.

Carol Cork foresees much use of this technology for booking flights in future and technology savvy people are taking to this means as the word spreads around. According to  Carol Cork most of such people who resort to use of this technology are usually technology entrepreneur or those having some visible understanding of technology.

Clients though have to make personal calls to Private Fly as booking amounts involved at massive at times but still such clients prefer to do the bookings through iPhone and confirm the same lately. A San Francisco based charter company, Black Jet, too has come out with its innovative app that helps fliers at large. Their growing business has been built mostly around the jet apps. Customers at Black Jet book individual seats rather than the whole plane.


Dean Rotchin, the founder and CEO of Black Jet points out that almost half of their bookings are being done through the app which company has developed. This idea of booking individual seats on a plane through app has also caught the fancy of the customers since the technology comes cheap and a wider set of customers can be targeted through the same.

Black Jet has developed an annual membership fee of $2500 and the customers can then download the app for use at their leisure. Through use of this app technology a flight from New York to Florida can cost between $1700 to $2000. Similarly those looking for a seat from Los Angeles to New York will have to shell out $3500, one way.

The technology is still in its initial stages and will only get better with time, making flying a unique experience for the seasoned flier.


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