New Tour of Hearst Castle Offered for a Limited Time


From June 1st through Labor Day weekend 2013, Hearst Castle® will be offering the public a new tour option that gives visitors the opportunity to see parts of the castle that have been closed off from view in recent years.

“The new Designing the Dream tour will provide a new interpretive experience with a fully guided 75 minute tour that showcases the extraordinary story of the design and nearly three-decade long evolution of this hilltop estate that is proudly preserved and interpreted by California State Parks,” said Nick Franco, Superintendent of the San Luis Obispo Coast District.

The “Designing the Dream” tour will have a capacity of 15 people per tour and will be offered several times a day.  The tour will feature live interpretation of the Neptune and Roman Pools; Guest House “Casa del Sol”; the North Wing of Casa Grande; and the Dressing Rooms at the indoor Roman Pool.

At the conclusion of the tour visitors are able to stroll the gardens and terraces at their leisure and enjoy the views of the surrounding coast and mountains just as Mr. Hearst’s guests did during the Castle’s heyday.


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