How To Get More Facebook “Likes” on Your Business Page

Written By Peter Delle, Social Media Specialist

  1. Post a Link on Your Personal Page. Copy and paste the URL from your business page into your status bar on your personal page. Facebook will automatically generate a preview image like the one shown. The Best part is that after that preview generates, you can delete the URL and insert any text you want. VW
  2. Put a Link on Your Website. Our company provides all of our agents with a personalized website and the ability to make changes to it. It's really easy to go in and add a Facebook icon on your website's home page.

  • Set your Permanent Facebook URL and include it on your business cards. Facebook allows you to permanently set your business pages URL. This can be anything you want, but will never change and will look something like or Once you set that address, you can use it anywhere. You can put it on your Business Cards, Post Cards, Flyers, or anywhere else.
  • Put a Link in Your Email Signature. You can find hundreds of Facebook icons on Facebook. Pick one you like and insert it into your email signature. You can insert an image by clicking on this iconimage. After you’ve uploaded your image you can hyperlink it to your Facebook Business Page by clicking on this icon hyperlinkand pasting your page’s URL. It will look something like this. sig
  • Post Engaging Content. Post content that engages, excites, and interest you. If you are interested, your followers will be too, and people who are interested in your content are more likely to share that content to their friends. This viral reach is an unlimited opportunity for your page to get more likes.
  • Pay for It. Facebook advertising is a great investment. It allows you to reach a huge amount of people and specify the demographic group you want to reach. It also allows you to set your budget. You can spend as little as $5 on Facebook advertising. You can hold a contest that goes along with this. For example, You can hold a drawing for a Starbucks gift card and enter anyone who likes your page of a set period of time. You can use some Facebook ads to Promote the Contest and give them that incentive to like your page.
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